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WebMethod.Put (“PUT”) is an enumeration that specifies the PUT method for HTTP. It is a member of the WebMethod.Type that specifies an HTTP method.


The WebMethod.Put function is used to update existing resources on a server. In the context of HTTP methods, a “PUT” request replaces the current resource with the uploaded content.

When you use WebMethod.Put, you’re telling Power Query to execute a PUT request to the specified URL. In the given example, WebAction.Request(WebMethod.Put, "https://gorilla.bi") sends a PUT request to the “https://gorilla.bi” URL.


This function is generally used when you know the specific resource you wish to update on the server. Make sure you understand the implications of a PUT request in the API you’re working with, as it can overwrite existing information.

These enumerations only work in the context of custom connectors.

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