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Stripe.Method is a Power Query M function that makes calls to the Stripe API, passing additional parameters and specifying expected column names.

Compatible with: Power BI Service Power BI Desktop Excel Microsoft 365


   method as text,
   additionalParameters as record,
   ColumnNames as list,
) as table


Makes a call to the Stripe API at, with record additionalParameters passed as additional parameters and list ColumnNames of expected column names. Stripe Version 2015-10-16 is used.


Returns a table with events created after November 1, 2015

// Output: A table with the specified events for the current Stripe account
Stripe.Method( "events", [#"created[gte]"=1446374329], {"id", "livemode", "created", "type", "data", "object", "pending_webhooks", "request", "api_version"} )

Returns a table with all SKUs

// Output: A table with all SKUs for the current Stripe account
Stripe.Method( "skus", [], {"id", "created", "updated", "object", "livemode", "product", "image", "active", "price", "currency", "inventory", "attributes", "metadata", "package_dimensions"} )

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