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WebMethod.Delete (“DELETE”) is an enumeration that specifies the DELETE method for HTTP. It is a member of the WebMethod.Type that specifies an HTTP method.


The DELETE method is used to request the removal of a resource at a specific URL. When you send a DELETE request, you are asking the server to erase a particular piece of data.

You would use the DELETE method in situations like:

  • Removing a user account from a database.
  • Deleting a blog post, comment, or any user-generated content.
  • Erasing records or entries from an API.

Suppose you want to delete a user account:


In this example, a DELETE request is made to “https://api.example.com/users/123”. The goal is to delete the user with the ID 123 from the system.

Using the DELETE method is an important part of maintaining dynamic and interactive web applications or APIs, as it allows for the removal of obsolete or unnecessary data.

These enumerations only work in the context of custom connectors.

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