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List.MatchesAny is a Power Query M function that checks if any value in a list satisfies a specified condition. The function returns true if any value meets the condition, and false otherwise.

Compatible with: Power BI Service Power BI Desktop Excel Microsoft 365


   list as list,
   condition as function,
) as logical


Returns true if the condition function, condition, is satisfied by any of values in the list list, otherwise returns false.


Find if any of the values in the list {9, 10, 11} are greater than 10.

// Output: true
List.MatchesAny( {9, 10, 11}, each _  > 10 )

Find if any of the values in the list {1, 2, 3} are greater than 10.

// Output: false
List.MatchesAny( {1, 2, 3}, each _  > 10 )

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