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Table.ToColumns is a Power Query M function that creates a list of nested lists from a table, where each list item is an inner list that contains the column values. The function returns a list of lists representing the columns and their respective values.

Compatible with: Power BI Service Power BI Desktop Excel Microsoft 365


Table.ToColumns( table as table ) as list


Table.ToColumns creates a list of nested lists of column values from a table. Each list item is an inner list containing the column values from table.


Create a list of the column values from the table.

// Output: {{1, 2}, {"Bob", "Jim"}, {"123-4567", "987-6543"}}
    Table.FromRecords( {
        [CustomerID = 1, Name = "Bob", Phone = "123-4567"],
        [CustomerID = 2, Name = "Jim", Phone = "987-6543"]
    } )

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