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CsvStyle.QuoteAlways (1) is an enumeration that specifies the significance of quotes in Csv documents. It is a member of the CsvStyle.Type and specifies that quotes in a field are always significant regardless of where they appear.


Imagine a CSV file that looks as follows:

CSV data for CsvStyle Type

Consider you have imported that file in a step called Source. You can use CsvStyle.QuoteAlways in the Csv.Document function.

CsvStyle.QuoteAlways for Csv.Document function

In this example a comma is used as separator. And as the above results shows, when you provide a text after a space, Power Query ignores the space. This behavior is different from how CsvStyle.QuoteAfterDelimiter treats spaces in text.


To see the entire code in action you can paste below in the advanced editor:

    Source = Binary.FromText( "SSwid2FudCINClUsICJ3YW50Ig==" ),
    MyCSV = 
            [ CsvStyle = CsvStyle.QuoteAlways ]

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Here’s a list of functions that work with CsvStyle.Type:

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