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A Constant Value in the Power Query M language that represents a number that is infinitely large or unbounded. It is commonly encountered in situations where operations result in dividing a negative nonzero number by zero. The Number.NegativeInfinity constant is useful for handling extreme cases, outliers, or representing unbounded values in mathematical models and data analysis scenarios.


To access the constant value representing negative infinity in Power Query, you can simply call the Number.NegativeInfinity function without using any parentheses. This direct approach allows you to retrieve the symbol for negative infinity:

Number.PositiveInfinity // Returns -∞

When performing a division operation with a negative nonzero number divided by zero, Number.NegativeInfinity is the result:

- 10 / 0 // Returns -∞ (Negative Infinity) 

The constant value produced by Number.PositiveInfinity can be used in boolean expressions as well. For example, you can check if the result of a division operation is equal to Number.PositiveInfinity:

( -10 / 0 ) = Number.NegativeInfinity // Returns TRUE

( -10 / 0 ) = -∞ // Returns an error, the M language does not accept the -∞ symbol

It’s important to note that while you can compare the result to Number.NegativeInfinity, the Power Query M language does not accept the symbol “-∞” directly in expressions.

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