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SapBusinessWarehouseExecutionMode.BasXml (64) is an enumeration that specifies valid options for SAP Business Warehouse execution mode option. It is a member of the SapBusinessWarehouseExecutionMode.Type and describes the ‘bXML flattening mode’ option for MDX execution in SAP Business Warehouse.


Here’s an example of how the SapBusinessWarehouseExecutionMode.BasXml enumeration can be used:

SapBusinessWarehouse.Cubes (
    [ ExecutionMode = SapBusinessWarehouseExecutionMode.BasXml, 
      Implementation = "2.0" ]

You can go here for more information on Implementation 2 of the Power Query SAP Business Warehouse connector.

Other related enumerations are:

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Here’s a list of functions that work with SapBusinessWarehouseExecutionMode.Type:

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