Time Functions Overview

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Explore Time Functions in Power Query M Language, vital for handling time values. This page provides a comprehensive list and descriptions of Time Functions available in the M Language.

Creation and Conversion Functions

#timeCreates a time value from numbers representing the hour, minute, and (fractional) second.NumberTime
Time.FromCreates a time from the given value.AnyTime
Time.FromTextCreates a Time from local and universal, and custom Time formats.TextTime
Time.ToRecordReturns a record containing the Time value’s parts.TimeRecord
Time.ToTextReturns a textual representation of the time value.TimeText

Start-End Functions

Time.EndOfHourReturns the end of the hour.AnyAny
Time.StartOfHourReturns the start of the hour.AnyAny

Time Component Functions

Time.HourReturns the hour component.AnyNumber
Time.MinuteReturns the minute component.AnyNumber
Time.SecondReturns the second component.AnyNumber
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Microsoft documentation: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/powerquery-m/time-functions