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TableAction.Tee is a Power Query M function that creates an action that executes multiple actions concurrently while reading data from a table. The resulting list of actions is executed concurrently, and each action can read from the table.

Compatible with: Power BI Service Power BI Desktop Excel Microsoft 365


   table as table,
   actions as list,
) as any


Creates an action that concurrently executes the actions specified in actions while allowing them all to read from table.

actions is a list of 1-argument functions that are each invoked against table and must return an action to execute. The resulting list of actions is executed concurrently.

Each action can read from table by referencing the argument provided to the function that constructed it. table will be enumerated at most once.

When executed, the action returns a list containing the results of the actions in the order in which they were specified in actions.

If an action in actions raises an error during execution, other actions in actions that are still executing may be terminated. This behavior can be avoided by using Action.Try in the error-raising action.

NOTE: The current implementation of this function does not support table with non-primitive column types. Metadata on table is not preserved.

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