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Snowflake.Databases is a Power Query M function that imports data from a Snowflake Computing warehouse, returning a table listing the tables in the warehouse. It allows for additional control options such as Role name for connection, whether to generate navigation properties, and specifying connection and command timeouts.

Compatible with: Power BI Service Power BI Desktop Excel Microsoft 365


   server as text,
   warehouse as text,
   optional options as nullable record,
) as table


Returns a table listing the tables in the Snowflake Computing warehouse located at server. An optional record parameter, options, may be specified to control the following options:

  • Role: A text value to use as the Role name for the connection.
  • CreateNavigationProperties: A logical (true/false) value that sets whether to generate navigation properties on the returned values (default is true).
  • ConnectionTimeout: The number of seconds to wait for network responses from Snowflake.
  • CommandTimeout: The number of seconds to wait for a query to execute.


List the tables in a Snowflake warehouse.

Snowflake.Databases( "", "CONTOSO_WH" )

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