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SapBusinessWarehouseExecutionMode.BasXmlGzip (65) is an enumeration that specifies valid options for SAP Business Warehouse execution mode option. It is a member of the SapBusinessWarehouseExecutionMode.Type and describes the ‘Gzip compressed bXML flattening mode’ option for MDX execution in SAP Business Warehouse. Recommended for low latency or high volume queries.


Here’s an example of how the SapBusinessWarehouseExecutionMode.BasXmlGzip enumeration can be used:

SapBusinessWarehouse.Cubes (
    [ ExecutionMode = SapBusinessWarehouseExecutionMode.BasXmlGzip, 
      Implementation = "2.0" ]

You can go here for more information on Implementation 2 of the Power Query SAP Business Warehouse connector.

Other related enumerations are:

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Here’s a list of functions that work with SapBusinessWarehouseExecutionMode.Type:

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