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WebMethod.Get (“GET”) is an enumeration that specifies the GET method for HTTP. It is a member of the WebMethod.Type that specifies an HTTP method.


The GET method is used to retrieve data from a specified resource. When you make a GET request, you are asking the server to send you some data.

You may use the GET method when you want to:

  • Retrieve a webpage or any public data.
  • Obtain details from an API.
  • Fetch an image, file, or other types of media.

Consider a scenario where you want to get information about a user from an API:


In this example, the GET request is made to “https://api.example.com/users/123”. The aim is to retrieve details about the user with the ID 123.

The GET method is the most commonly used HTTP method, and it’s essential for any operation where you need to pull information from a server, API, or other online resources.

These enumerations only work in the context of custom connectors.

Other related enumerations are:

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