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LimitClauseKind.Type describes the type of limit clause supported by the SQL dialect used by this data source.

Enumeration Options

Enumerations simplify the process of selecting options within a function. To specify the LimitClauseKind.Type, users have the option to either input the below Argument description (which provides more information) or the shorter Value (which provides a more concise representation).

LimitClauseKind.None0This SQL dialect does not support a limit clause.
LimitClauseKind.Top1This SQL dialect supports a TOP specifier to limit the number of rows returned.
LimitClauseKind.LimitOffset2This SQL dialect supports LIMIT and OFFSET specifiers to limit the number of rows returned.
LimitClauseKind.Limit3This SQL dialect supports a LIMIT specifier to limit the number of rows returned.
LimitClauseKind.AnsiSql20084This SQL dialect supports an ANSI SQL-compatible LIMIT N ROWS specifier to limit the number of rows returned.

The enumerations belonging to LimitClauseKind.Type are currently only supported by the Odbc.DataSource function. You can select them by choosing ODBC as data source, and then choosing your desired option in the below pop-up.

LimitClauseKind.Type in Power Query M Language

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Here’s a list of functions that work with LimitClauseKind.Type:

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