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LimitClauseKind.Top (1) is an enumeration that describes the type of limit clause supported by the SQL dialect used by this data source. It is a member of the LimitClauseKind.Type and specifies that this SQL dialect supports a TOP specifier to limit the number of rows returned.


The Odbc.DataSource function lets you connect to various data sources. Within this function, there’s a parameter named SqlCapabilities. This parameter can be used to specify certain capabilities or modifications to the SQL query being executed.

One of the options you can set within SqlCapabilities is the LimitClauseKind. This kind hasn’t been widely documented.

Here’s a simple example to illustrate the use of LimitClauseKind.Top:

  "dsn = your_dsn",
  [ HierarchicalNavigation = true,
    SqlCapabilities = [ LimitClauseKind=LimitClauseKind.Top ]

By setting the LimitClauseKind to Top, you’re instructing the query to use the SQL “TOP” clause. This can be particularly useful when you want to limit the number of rows returned from a large dataset.

Generally this is done through the user-interface using the navigation pop-up screen that appears when selecting Odbc.DataSource as method to connect.

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