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Binary.InferContentType is a Power Query M function that infers the MIME-type of a binary value and returns a record containing the content type and other relevant information. The function returns a record with fields for content type, encoding, potential delimiter, and potential positions.

Compatible with: Power BI Service Power BI Desktop Excel Microsoft 365


Binary.InferContentType( source as binary ) as record


Returns a record with field Content.Type that contains the inferred MIME-type. If the inferred content type is text/*, and an encoding code page is detected, then additionally returns field Content.Encoding that contains the encoding of the stream. If the inferred content type is text/csv, and the format is delimited, additionally returns field Csv.PotentialDelimiter containing a table for analysis of potential delimiters. If the inferred content type is text/csv, and the format is fixed-width, additionally returns field Csv.PotentialPositions containing a list for analysis of potential fixed width column positions.

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