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AzureStorage.BlobContents is a Power Query M function that returns the content of a blob at a specified URL from an Azure storage vault. It allows optional parameters to control settings, such as block size, request size, and concurrent requests.

Compatible with: Power BI Service Power BI Desktop Excel Microsoft 365


   url as text,
   optional options as nullable record,
) as binary


Returns the content of the blob at the URL, url, from an Azure storage vault. options may be specified to control the following options:

  • BlockSize : The number of bytes to read before waiting on the data consumer. The default value is 4 MB.
  • RequestSize : The number of bytes to try to read in a single HTTP request to the server. The default value is 4 MB.
  • ConcurrentRequests : The ConcurrentRequests option supports faster download of data by specifying the number of requests to be made in parallel, at the cost of memory utilization. The memory required is (ConcurrentRequest * RequestSize). The default value is 16.

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