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QuoteStyle.Csv (1) is an enumeration that specifies the quote style. It is a member of the QuoteStyle.Type and indicates that quote characters signify the start of a quoted string, with nested quotes indicated by two quote characters.


The Lines.FromText function supports the QuoteStyle type. You can clearly see its behavior when providing a text value that has a line-break within the double-quoted text.

//  Results in a single item in a list, including a linebreak
//  Returns: { "This is a ""string,#(lf)string""" }

= Lines.FromText( 
    "This is a ""string, 
in quotes""", 
     QuoteStyle.Csv  )

//  Results in a 2 items list
//  Returns: { "This is a ""string,", "string""" }

= Lines.FromText( 
    "This is a ""string, 
in quotes""", 
     QuoteStyle.None  )
Lines.FromText behavior towards quotes with QuoteStyle Type

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