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A Constant Value in the Power Query M language that represents 3.1415926535897932, the value for pi up to 16 decimal digits. This constant is essential in calculations related to circles and trigonometry, such as finding the circumference or area of a circle, or in trigonometric function calculations within mathematical, engineering, or simulation scenarios.


To retrieve the constant value representing the mathematical constant pi (π) in Power Query, you can directly call the Number.PI function without using any parentheses. This simple approach allows you to obtain the value of pi up to 16 decimals:

Number.PI // Returns 3.1415926535897931

When working with circles, Number.PI is essential for various calculations. For instance, you can calculate the circumference of a circle using the formula. The formula works for circles of different sizes.

When working with circles, Number.PI plays a crucial role in various calculations. One such calculation is finding the circumference of a circle. You can use the formula 2 * Number.PI * Radius to calculate the circumference. This formula is applicable to circles of different sizes.

For example, if you have a circle with a radius of 5 units, you can calculate its circumference as follows:

2 * Number.PI * 5 // Returns 31.415926535897931

In addition to circumference, Number.PI is also vital in determining the area of a circle. The formula for calculating the area of a circle in Power Query is Number.PI * Number.Power( Radius, 2 ). This formula enables you to compute the area based on the radius of the circle.

For instance, if you have a circle with a radius of 3 units, you can calculate its area using the following formula:

Number.PI * Number.Power( 3, 2 ) // Returns 28.274333882308138

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