Table.CombineColumns is a Power Query M function that combines specified columns into a new column using a provided combiner function. The function returns a new table with the combined column.

Compatible with: Power BI Service Power BI Desktop Excel Microsoft 365


   table as table,
   sourceColumns as list,
   combiner as function,
   column as text,
) as table
tableThe table containing the columns.
sourceColumnsThe names of the columns to combine.
combinerCombiner Functions specify how columns should be combined. The argument can merge columns using different methods:
Combiner.CombineTextByDelimiter: using the specified delimiter.
Combiner.CombineTextByEachDelimiter: with each delimiter in a sequence.
Combiner.CombineTextByLengths: based on specified lengths.
Combiner.CombineTextByPositions: according to specified positions.
Combiner.CombineTextByRanges: using positions and lengths.
columnThe name of the combined column.


Combines the specified columns into a new column using the specified combiner function.


Combine the last and first names into a new column, separated by a comma.

// Output: Table.FromRecords( {[FullName = "Smith,Bob"]} )
    Table.FromRecords( {[FirstName = "Bob", LastName = "Smith"]} ),
    {"LastName", "FirstName"},
    Combiner.CombineTextByDelimiter( ",", QuoteStyle.None ),

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