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Int32.From is a Power Query M function that converts a given value to a 32-bit integer, applying rounding if necessary. The function returns either a 32-bit integer or null if the given value is null.

Compatible with: Power BI Service Power BI Desktop Excel Microsoft 365


   value as any,
   optional culture as nullable text,
   optional roundingMode as nullable number,
) as nullable number
Argument Attribute Description
culture optional The culture argument enables the specification of a Culture code (e.g., “nl-NL” or “en-US”) to align transformations with local formatting conventions. If this argument is omitted, functions default to Culture.Current, which reflects the system’s regional settings.
roundingMode optional The RoundingMode.Type argument controls the rounding method applied. When omitted, the function uses RoundingMode.ToEven, which rounds to the nearest even number in tie situations. Other options include:
RoundingMode.Up rounds up in such cases.
RoundingMode.Down rounds down.
RoundingMode.TowardZero rounds toward zero.
RoundingMode.AwayFromZero rounds away from zero.


Returns a 32-bit integer number value from the given value. If the given value is null, Int32.From returns null. If the given value is number within the range of 32-bit integer without a fractional part, value is returned. If it has fractional part, then the number is rounded with the rounding mode specified. The default rounding mode is RoundingMode.ToEven. If value is of any other type, it will first be converted to a number using Number.FromText. Refer to Number.Round for the available rounding modes. An optional culture may also be provided (for example, “en-US”).


Get the 32-bit integer number value of "4".

// Output: 4
Int32.From( "4" )

Get the 32-bit integer number value of "4.5" using RoundingMode.AwayFromZero.

// Output: 5
Int32.From( "4.5", null, RoundingMode.AwayFromZero )

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