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WebMethod.Post (“POST”) is an enumeration that specifies the POST method for HTTP. It is a member of the WebMethod.Type that specifies an HTTP method.


When you use WebMethod.Post, you’re telling the system to send data to a server to create a new resource. Unlike the GET method, which retrieves data, POST submits data to be processed.

Use the POST method when you want to:

  • Create a new record in a database
  • Upload a file
  • Submit a form

Let’s say you’re creating a new user profile. The code would look something like this:


In this case, the POST request is sent to “https://api.example.com/users“, signalling the intent to add a new user to the list of users at that URL.

By specifying the POST method, you let the server know that you wish to add or submit new information to the specified resource.

These enumerations only work in the context of custom connectors.

Other related enumerations are:

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