Table.ExpandListColumn is a Power Query M function that splits a column containing lists into separate rows for each value, duplicating other column values in each new row. The function returns a new table with expanded rows.

Compatible with: Power BI Service Power BI Desktop Excel Microsoft 365


   table as table,
   column as text,
) as table


Given a table, where a column is a list of values, splits the list into a row for each value. Values in the other columns are duplicated in each new row created.


Split the list column [Name] in the table.

    Table.FromRecords( {[Name = {"Bob", "Jim", "Paul"}, Discount = .15]} ),

 /* Output: 
Table.FromRecords( {
    [Name = "Bob", Discount = 0.15],
    [Name = "Jim", Discount = 0.15],
    [Name = "Paul", Discount = 0.15]
} )

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