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Table.StopFolding is a Power Query M function that prevents any downstream operations from being run against the original source of the data in the table. The function returns a table.

Compatible with: Power BI Service Power BI Desktop Excel Microsoft 365


Table.StopFolding( table as table ) as table


The Table.StopFolding function in Power Query serves to stop query folding, preventing transformations from being pushed back to the data source. This is useful when you need to optimize performance in specific situations where query folding is not beneficial.

Unlike alternative methods, like buffering the entire table into memory or adding an index column, this function accomplishes the goal with no additional side effects.

Applying the function ensures that subsequent operations are computed in Power Query, not against the original data source.


Fetches data from a SQL table in a way that prevents any downstream operations from running as a query on the SQL server.

// Output: table
    Source = Sql.Database( "SomeSQLServer", "MyDb" ),
    MyTable = Source{[Item="MyTable"]}[Data],
    MyLocalTable = Table.StopFolding( dbo_MyTable )

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