AccessControlEntry.ConditionToIdentities is a Power Query M function that converts a condition into a list of identities that would return true in all authorization contexts using the specified identityProvider. The function returns a list of identities as they appear in the condition without normalization.

Compatible with: Power BI Service Power BI Desktop Excel Microsoft 365


   identityProvider as function,
   condition as function,
) as list


Using the specified identityProvider, converts the condition into the list of identities for which condition would return true in all authorization contexts with identityProvider as the identity provider. An error is raised if it is not possible to convert condition into a list of identities, for example if condition consults attributes other than user or group identities to make a decision.

Note that the list of identities represents the identities as they appear in condition and no normalization (such as group expansion) is performed on them.

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