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TextEncoding.Type specifies the text encoding type.

Enumeration Options

Enumerations simplify the process of selecting options within a function. To specify the TextEncoding.Type, users have the option to either input the below Argument description (which provides more information) or the shorter Value (which provides a more concise representation).

TextEncoding.Unicode1200Use to choose the UTF16 little endian binary form.
TextEncoding.Utf161200Use to choose the UTF16 little endian binary form.
TextEncoding.BigEndianUnicode1201Use to choose the UTF16 big endian binary form.
TextEncoding.Windows1252Use to choose the Windows binary form.
TextEncoding.Ascii20127Use to choose the ASCII binary form.
TextEncoding.Utf865001Use to choose the UTF8 binary form.

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Here’s a list of functions that work with TextEncoding.Type:

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Microsoft documentation: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/powerquery-m/textencoding-type