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Number.RoundUp is a Power Query M function that rounds a given number up to the next highest integer, with support for optional digits parameter. The function returns the rounded number or null if the input is null.

Compatible with: Power BI Service Power BI Desktop Excel Microsoft 365


   number as nullable number,
   optional digits as nullable number,
) as nullable number


Returns the result of rounding number up to the next highest integer. If number is null, this function returns null. If digits is provided, number is rounded to the specified number of decimal digits.


Round up 1.234 to integer.

// Output: 2
Number.RoundUp( 1.234 )

Round up 1.999 to integer.

// Output: 2
Number.RoundUp( 1.999 )

Round up 1.234 to two decimal places.

// Output: 1.24
Number.RoundUp( 1.234, 2 )

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