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Record.FieldCount is a Power Query M function that calculates the number of fields in a given record. The function returns the total number of fields present in the input record.

Compatible with: Power BI Service Power BI Desktop Excel Microsoft 365


Record.FieldCount( record as record ) as number


The Record.FieldCount function counts the number of fields in a specified record and returns this count as a number.


Imagine you have the following record:

[ Citrus = "Orange", Berry = "Strawberry", StoneFruit = "Peach" ]

To find out how many fields are in this record, you can use the Record.FieldCount function. Here’s the code:

// Output: 3
Record.FieldCount( [ Citrus = "Orange", Berry = "Strawberry", StoneFruit = "Peach" ] )

In this example, we have a record with three fields: Citrus, Berry, and StoneFruit. The Record.FieldCount function is used to count these fields. When you run the code, the function returns the number 3, which is the number of fields in the record.

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