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GroupKind.Local (0) is an enumeration that specifies the kind of grouping. It is a member of the GroupKind.Type and specifies that a local group is formed from a consecutive sequence of rows from an input table with the same key value. In other words, two rows with the same value will be placed in different groups if there’s a row with a different value between them.


Imagine having the following table in a step called Source.

Table.Group dataset

With GroupKind.Local you can group this table into groups of consecutive values, respecting the order of the data.

Table.Group with GroupKind.Local in Power Query
= Table.Group( 
    { "Total", each List.Sum( _[Price] ), Int64.Type },
    GroupKind.Local                                    // Specificies groupkind Local

Other related enumerations are:

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Here’s a list of functions that work with GroupKind.Type:

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